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Martin Botvidsson Hasselblad

This is Martin Botvidsson –
photographer by day & youtuber by night.
The legend says he never sleeps… almost.

Martin Botvidsson grew up on a farm on the east coast of Sweden.
As a kid, he experimented with the cameras he could get his hand on making macro
shots of the TV’s test image with a help of dissembled binoculars and compact cameras.
However, his passion for photography became a profession much later. Portrait photography became his main niche and in recent years he moved into still life photography.
His 10 year experience in the field of music as a producer and graphic designer constantly
contributes to his video productions.
Martin loves to experiment with his lighting technique skills striving to give every single object an unique touch. He’s valued for his absolute precision, an eye for detail and retouching skills.

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Want to learn how to photograph like a pro?

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What the subscribers say about Martin Botvidsson and his photography tutorials

Never subscribed this quick after watching a video…well second video. I could sit and bench watch channel but then I wouldn’t be productive. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS and your way of delivery with the humor just makes it such an easy watch. What I call edu-tainment. Thank you for creating and sharing such educational and inspiring content. I’m motivated to create.

Nkiru E.SubscriberYouTube

“The way you walk us all through the process, making corrections along the way, is just so engaging and helpful. As a pro for 35 years, who is only now beginning to focus on the product photo side of my business, you are one of the most helpful teachers I have found yet. When my clients ask me how I got so good at this so fast, I’ll just say, “Well, I have this Swedish friend…”

Peter LewisSubscriberYouTube
“Mind blown!! It’s one of those things that are so simple when someone tells you about it, but too clever to have actually realised it yourself! Another great tutorial. Keep it up, I’m learning so much!”
“Easily the best photographer on YouTube – shaping lights like no others”
Shahed S.SubscriberYouTube

“Thank you for these fantastic videos. You have taught me so much; not only technical aspects, but also how to asses an object and think about how to light it in an interesting way. Please keep up the great work.”

Andrew S.SubscriberYouTube

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